Our sleep battle..

You know when once in a while you discover a product for the first time and you are just so completely and utterly obsessed? Like, you make it your life mission to make sure everyone knows about it because it is actually just THAT GOOD?! This is me right now! I have found myself in full stalker mode scrolling through this businesses Facebook page at 1:30am reading through questions from strangers weighing up weather or not they should buy it. I just couldn’t help myself – I began answering their questions and letting them know exactly why they need this in their life! I basically turned into their Facebook VA for a solid 30 minutes! #IToldYouFullStalkerMode. Let’s cut to the chase – I’m bursting at the seams to tell you all about this game changer I discovered 4 months ago. But first, I have to take you back to the beginning.

The struggle is reaaaaal.

I always knew the mum I wanted to be. The one that believed you could never ‘spoil’ a baby and if that meant I had to rock, cuddle, pat, and sing my baby to sleep, then so be it. Until I found myself 10 months later still rocking, cuddling, patting and singing my toddler to sleep, as well as co-sleeping. I knew there was a problem. His day sleeps lasted only 30 minutes ONCE a day and would only happen if I was holding him the entire time! I’d had enough. I began trying every method out there for sleep. I would wait until he was asleep and place him in his cot. No go. The second that Nursery door would open so would those bright blues staring into my soul warning me ‘Don’t you dare’. Then I set up a mattress in his room and tried for one month to put him in his cot while I slept on the floor next to him. No go. He would scream all night – arms reaching out for me through those rails until I would eventually give in and bring him back into bed with me. I tried to let him cry it out. No go. My heart just couldn’t handle that one. I knew nothing would work. I tried everything. At 12 months I realised I just had to accept my fate. I will never have a child that sleeps in his cot or through the night. So I continued rocking him, cuddling him, patting him and singing him to sleep for the next 3 months. At 15 months I had a massive breakdown. I SIMPLY COULDN’T DO THIS ANYMORE. I was extremely sleep deprived and unhappy – as was Charlie. The night wakings were getting more and more frequent (3-4 times a night) and I found most mornings I would wake up with pulled muscles in my neck OF back. The thought of planning for a second child was so far from possible if we didn’t sort this out. I put up a post on my Instagram page basically begging ya’ll for help. And so many of you came back with the same question: Have you tried the Glow Dreaming Kit? The Glow Dreaming Kit? I’d never heard of it but apparently it had a 98% success rate and a Money Back Guarantee? I dove straight in, I knew Charlie would be that 2%er as usual but I had nothing to lose. It arrived the next day and I’ve never looked back.

So, what is it?

The Glow Dreaming Kit is a night light and humidifier in one which now has a Pink Noise option. Yes, PINK noise, #ABitFancy. I was so fascinated by the technology behind this machine – it basically has everything built in to scientifically guarantee a good nights sleep. The night light has two colour options: Green or Red. We use the Red option as it promotes sleep. Something about melatonin levels and helping the brain stay asleep. I won’t lie, I’m no scientist but it’s nice to know there is purpose and it ain’t just a pretty night light. And then we have the humidifier. You fill the tank up (which is super easy) with water and add a few drops of heaven. I mean essential oil. This oil is actually insane. #BetterThanValium. It is a special formula designed especially for sleep. We actually put a couple of drops on Charlie’s sleep suit every night which really helps settle him faster with less crying. Click here to read the actual science behind it #TrustTheExperts.

So, how did it go?

Now we know how it’s meant to work, but let’s see how it actually did work. The first night I held him while giving him his bottle as usual, but this time I put a drop of oil onto his suit. And then I walked into his Nursery and waited for those bright blues to flash open. And then it happened. Like I mean, it actually did freaking happened. They bloody opened. I thought great, this is not a good start. I persisted and placed him in his cot – and then I turned around and walked straight out. He cried. I waited in the lounge room and after exactly 9 minutes he stopped crying and I was worried. He’s obviously fallen out of his cot, or fallen over inside his cot. But he had actually fallen asleep. I couldn’t believe it. After 9 minutes. Obviously a fluke. We had gone to the park that day so he must of been really overtired. I went to bed and waited and waited for the first night waking which is usually after about an hour. And he did wake up. AT 8:30AM!!!! I didn’t want to get my hopes up but for the first time I felt like something might actually work for us. Each night he cried less and less. After one week he was crying for 2 minutes before falling asleep. He slept through every single night until morning. It’s now been 4 months and I can confidently say our sleeping issues are non-existent. He has not slept in our bed since the very first night. He has day naps now too! In fact I wrote this entire blog while he has been napping. Charlie is less irritable during the day because he’s actually getting adequate sleep at night. And I’m sure my partner would say the exact same thing about me.

I honestly couldn’t recommend it enough and now you see why. My only regret is I wish I found this so much sooner. Don’t take my word for it though – check out the hundreds of testimonials. You may not find success on the very first night like me but if you are tired, you’re feeling hopeless, and you’re ready to accept your sleep-deprived fate, DON’T. Try the Glow Dreaming Kit. Worst case scenario? It doesn’t work and you can get your money back. That’s how much faith they have in their product! It works. Science backs it. Parents back it. I back it. So try it!

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P.s head over to their Blog for a world of knowledge when it comes to sleep. Their Blog is legit my Sleep Bible. Sah good. Click here.

P.p.s This Blog Post was in no way sponsored. I’m genuinely just bat-shit crazy over this product. I told you, no paid BS here!