Get your hustle back!

You know when you just reach a point of complete and utter exhaustion? Physically. Mentally. Creatively. It’s 11am on a Monday morning. Mondays are my child care day. You know the day. The day you promise yourself you’re finally going to get your shit together. Your hustle day. You’ll get through that mountain of unanswered DM’s which is almost as high as the mountain of washing in your laundry.. Oh shit. The bloody washing. You’ll also try and get that done today so your husband can stop complaining about the fact he’s had no clean underwear for the last fortnight. So you’re hustle day arrives, but instead of feeling overwhelmed with motivation you find yourself on the couch tuning into the new season of Riverdale on Netflix. So you promise yourself that next Monday you WILL get your shit together. Mum/wife/hustle balance is something we all struggle with to a degree. I know for myself that these days happen more often than not. But I also know that guilty ‘shiiiiet-I-did-nothing’ feeling when you sit down for a ‘break’ at 10am and 15 minutes later its already bloody 4pm.

What I’ve learnt is on days like these motivation won’t magically appear – a lightning bolt won’t suddenly strike me and give me all those hustle feels. So, I need to get up and actually do something to pull myself out of this slump – so this is how I do it!

Use lists!

Everyday in fact I write out a list of things that I MUST do, things I probably should get done today, and a list of things to do ‘if-I-have-time’. I find by creating a list in order of priority totally reduces my stress levels and there’s just no feeling like ticking it off as I get each thing done – does anyone else just love that feeling? #NoJessYourATotalWeirdo. My MUST do list is only full of ‘deadline’ tasks. So weather I’ve promised to email a client their Giveaway graphic by 5pm or if I’ve promised Marcus I WILL have, at the very least, one clean pair of underwear when he gets home. Respecting deadlines is crucial. Not only for your business and reputation but also for yourself. If you’re anything like me you find yourself feeling SICK if you’ve let someone down, which only creates more stress for yourself!

Break up your day and reward yo’self!

I’m literally like a little child who cannot wash the dishes unless I know I’m going to be given a huge bowl of ice-cream at the end of it. So I break my day up into time slots and sections, with sweet rewards after basically everything I do. If I get next weeks ‘Have you entered?’ graphic done by 2pm then I’ll watch the next episode of the Real Housewives of New Jersey #BecauseWhoDoesntLoveABitOfHousewives. This one can be a little tricky as it’s all about self control, but just remember the real reward at the end of it is that feeling of accomplishment and achievement that you’re actually getting shit done.

Turn to your support person.

My support person is absolutely crucial in my personal motivation levels. This support person can be anyone; your partner, a friend, an Insta-bestie, one of your Brand Reps, etc. As long as this person has a genuine interest in seeing you and your business succeed. For me my support person is my business partner Cas, if I feel like I can’t pull myself out of a productivity slump she is always my go to. Your support person should be someone you can bounce ideas off of, chat about future plans (which always helps with my motivation) and just have there for some support. 

And you know what, after all of this 20% of the time Netflix still wins and I actually just need a mental break to keep the last piece of my sanity – and that’s okay! Sometimes running a household and a business can be so stressful, overwhelming and draining that you need to just check out for a while. The lucky thing about this industry we work in is the fact we are all mums. We are all stressed. We are all overwhelmed. We are all drained. We totally feel ya! I’ve had to take an entire week off from work to just disconnect and bring myself back to a healthy place. If you can have someone hold down the fort in the meantime then great, but if not it’s okay to let everyone know that you’re having a quick break, like I said, we all totally get it! As long as you’re keeping your customers updated its alllll good. #YouComeFirst.



In my eyes, no fancy app can beat good old pen and paper. Especially when the paper looks THIS good. Write To Me have a beautiful range of products all designed right here in Australia! Our pick is their 20 Eighteen planner which is perfect for all us Mums with Hustle! It beautifully sections each side of the Calender so you can keep track of mum life on ‘this side’ and biz life on ‘that side’. Bloody genius! I’ve never been the type to wish time away but ma goodness, hurry up 2018 so I can start using this beauty!


Sometimes you just need that extra helping hand to lift your moods. So when that helping hand is scientifically proven to help motivate me you can bet I’m giving that a go! After so many of you recommended it to me I thought I’d finally try out the Doterra Essential Oils! We now run a diffuser all day long with the Balance Oil which is designed to ease anxious feelings #WhenIDoMissThoseDeadlines and creates a sense of calm. I can honestly say I felt a big difference straight away – not sure if it was in my head because everyone raved about it, but either way I’m happy #AndCalmer! We also use the Motivate Roll on oil that I use on my wrist to kick my butt into gear on those Hustle turned Netflix days!

We chose to order our Doterra through Ava Lola Organics – I always try to support mums in business whenever I can so when I found this mumma duo, Amanda and Manal, I knew they were my go-to! I just love their knowledge and passion around natural and organic products. Not only will you find a tonne of products for your own wellbeing but they have a section on their website dedicated to the wellbeing of our littles – truly nothing better!