Okay, there is absolutely no denying it. I have a bit of a shopping addiction when it comes to buying things for Charlie. Show me anything beautiful, and it just has to be mine. Ahem, I mean Charlies. I’m a total sucker for all the organic clothes. The dolls made from Sweden, and those god damn mouse chairs just get me every single time. But, when you show me something that is just so aligned with the way I want to raise Charlie, it completely tugs at my heart strings and becomes one of those presents I buy in bulk so I can gift it for ever first birthday I ever attend #ImaBitCrazyLikeThat. So I wanted to share with you a special range of books from KB Creations that I’ve found this month and why I’m totally obsessed!

For me, as Charlies mum, in 30 years time my wish isn’t for him to be crazy rich. It isn’t for him to be a famous actor. Or a doctor. Or a scientist. Hell, I don’t even care if he’s 30 years old working at McDonalds. My wish for him is to be a good person – that’s all. Don’t get me wrong, those other things would be nice, but if he doesn’t have morals, doesn’t have a caring heart and doesn’t treat people right, then nothing else matters. And I know in order to raise him to be the person I want him to be it’s important to start early. It’s important to plant those morals early. Create that caring heart early. Teach him to be a kind person early.

Kim Taylor, the author of this amazing book range, had a goal in mind. She wanted to not only help grow your child’s Vocabulary and Reading skills but she wanted to do it in a way that helps your child grow as a person. To teach life lessons and values through her beautifully illustrated books. And although Charlie may not fully comprehend life lessons just yet – I believe its never too early to start!

We have four of her books now. ‘Ellie Emu and her Pink Tutu’ which is a story that teaches your child how to overcome disappointment. ‘The Kookaburra’s Laugh’ which tells the tale of a Kookaburra who tries to deceive a friend, only to find the entire plan backfired – I love that the moral of this story teaches our children to be kind, and learn the lesson of sweet, sweet karma! We also have ‘Davie Bears First Day at Playgym’; what I personally love about this story is how Davie Bear has friends that may not look the same or talk the same as him, I love that it teaches diversity and to accept those around you for who they are! And lastly, an absolute favourite which I think will be read on the nightly in our household very, very soon is ‘Davie Bear is a Big Brother’. It’s a great way to introduce the idea of your little one becoming a Big Brother or Sister, the story is told in a fun and exciting way. After reading it even I wanted to become a Big Sister again, ha!

Honestly, I love, love, love reading to Charlie. But when the words are both fun AND important it makes reading so much more special. I love that Kim’s books are engaging, that the words and story work for any age but most importantly for me that the stories and lessons help shape Charlie into the person I want him to be! Like I said, a total pull on my heart strings!


Head over to Kim’s website for info on how you can make this collection of books yours!



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  1. I love that you love my books Jess. They are very special to me and I love to see such great feedback from such a prominent blogger in the “mum” community as yourself! Keep up the good work and look out for new titles later in the year.

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